A change of Color

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A change of Color

Post by [[•|Ashstar|•]] on Tue Apr 28, 2015 6:43 am

Layout Changes

I have changed the layout, so now posts will be easier to see as they're in bright
blue text. Remember, this is still testing out so we will chang several times before We
Feel comfortable with the results, so please, be patient on this rocky journey with us.

Neat Freak!

As some may have noticed, There are almost No Forums!
That is because all Four of these forums have two or more forums tucked away inside
of them for neat storaging. As we grow and add more advanced topics you will understand
that this is to minimize clutter as much as possible, here's all of our forums:



Roleplaying Boards
-Sign Ups
-1x1 Roleplay

Art Boards
-Art Shops

That totals 11 Forums put into Four categories C=

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