The Paçk øf Fallen Ømen§-Fantasy Novel

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The Paçk øf Fallen Ømen§-Fantasy Novel

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The Pack of Fallen Omens


A long, clear, ringing howl could be heard through the dense forests of Malnir. Anekh, a russet colored she-wolf with white muzzle, paws and tail bands, she had a deep brown saddle, this was covered by her large set of hawk patterned, feathery, graceful wings. She was an Ancient of the Kihras, a species of winged wolves. Her howl was the one heard from across the lands, by many species, it was a howl full of raw anger and mourning. She had witnessed a wrongful death of Senki, a young, sleek, Straw colored He-wolf.

Senki was slender and built for hunting, he was Anekh's Grandson, heir to the Pack of Fallen Omens. Her howl had awakened a great evil, this evil's name Was Nenik, he was a massive, midnight black He-wolf with Golden spots on his pelt and golden bands under his blazing red eyes. He was an Ancient Likroh, a Saber-toothed Wolf Species. They had Leathery bat-like wings unlike the Kihras. He scented for the cause of his awakening, feeding on the energy of the raw emotion filled howl as he followed it's trail...

Chapter One

Kirri Bounded out of the den,bursting into the clearing, spraying a cloud of dust and small, weathered pebbles around. Kirri let out a moan of comfort as the soft, golden rays of the sun warmed her fur, She looked behind her "Are you coming Mom?" She mumbled as she saw a coal-black she-wolf pad out groaning and blinking as the sun hit her bright, aquamarine orbs. "Yes, yes I'm here Kirri, now don't stray too far or get into trouble." she barked her optics narrowing and her banner swaying slightly as a soft, gently breeze swept through their fur. Kirri was a russet colored she-wolf, she had deep black stripes running down her muzzle and all the way to her tail, she had white bands around her banner, overlapping the stripes.

Her eyes were strikingly unique, one was a deep shade of crimson, the other was a bright blue, she was proud of her eyes but others looked at her with fear for some odd reason. she looked around the clearing, there were several dens of different sized, her pack had settled into a clearing surrounded by trees. The dens were carved into the cliff face that their pack had found after clearing a few more trees to expand the growing pack. A massive pile or smooth, weather-worn boulders of various sizes was piled in the middle of the camp, a den was made inside with the opening facing the entrance to the pack. This was were the Alpha slept with his mate, they were Alpha Ranier and Alpha Bezi. A few ways away from the alphas den was a large den covered in various scrapes and marks were the nails of the Kihra before them had made their place, this was the Hunters den.

Besides that was a smaller cave, a bundle of moss, sticks and feathers littered the inside of the den, this was were the Hunter's trainees slept. A den covered in spirals and paw prints, was closest to the cave Kirri had come out of, this was were the Elder Kihra stayed waiting to spread thier wings for the last time and descend to Hevahkna, or heaven. The den Kirri had come out of was the Nursery, it had a warm, soft, comforting, milky scent drifting out from the den, all pups stayed in this den until their wings grew large enough for them to fly. Kirri's wings had grown large enough but her Alphas held her back because she kept loosing her feathers and leaving black, thick, leathery patches of skin on a thin, bat-like frame, like Likrohs, she had to wait until they knew what she was before deciding anything. Kirri yawned and left towards the tree line then backed up, she then raced towards a massive pine tree, twisted as she leaped and flapped her wings to steady herself.

"Kirri! Get down!" A raspy voice snarled from the ground. "Yes Alpha Ranier," she huffed rolling her eyes then folding her bat-like wings diving down but swerving, she tried to land on her paws but hit her shoulder instead. "Why can't I fly Alpha Ranier?" She mumbled in protest, slowly Shrinking under his stern gaze. "Because you are scaring the young pups with your horrendous wings!" He snarled and bleakness his carnissials into one of the thick leathery wings, barely piercing the skin. "Ranier, that is enough!" Kirri's mother snarled, Her crystal-like eyes grew with cold rage at the treatment of Kirri.

With Fur Bristling, her eyes narrowed. "As a daughter of Anekh, she is her grandchild, a child of the Ancient of Kihras, you will never harm her again!" she growled, "Nefarri, calm down my love." A smooth, soft voice came From behind her, Nefarri turned to see the russet colored He-wolf, "Okay Senrir, my love, Ranier was about to apologise to our daughter now wasn't he?" She mumbled shooting Ranier a look of hatred as She leaned into Senrir's fur digging her face into it trying to calm down.

Kirri slunk away silently not wanting to get into the middle of the fight. As she slunk away she kept her eyes on the ground and slammed into a large she-wolf, sending both of them to the ground opposite of each other. "S-sorry!" Kirri yelped stumbling to her paws, "It is alright little pup," grunted the wolf she had run into. "W-who are you?" She asked eyeing his wings, they had patches of feathers missing, like hers did, he seemed intrigued by her wings as well, "I thought I was the only one.." he mumbled.

End Of Chapter

Chapter Two

Kirri looked behind her, scowling as she saw her mother shouting at Alpha Ranier, boy, was Kirri going to feel that tomorrow when her Mother's out hunting. She sighed and yelped as the stranger grabbed her by the scruff and dragged her into the forest despite her protests. She latched her jaws onto the wolf's leg sending him stumbling, "Ack!" He exclaimed and tripped, dropping Kirri hard onto the ground. "The hell was that for kid?" He groaned rising to his paws and pinning Kirri's tail under his forepaws preventing her from traveling anywhere.

"Kid, sorry if I scared you, your pack will kill you when they find out what you are!" He growled, "You are half Likroh, kid." He mumbled. "What!? Why? No-wait how do you think that!?"Kirri barked, flustered at all the information given to her in one sentence. The traveler Sighed, "you don't explore much do ya kid?" He let go of her tail, "Never mind that, you can either follow me or run into your pack's paws like a scared pup." He growled and turned around facing a massive pine tree.

When a large shadow swooped over them,"Oh shit." Kirri mumbled getting up and staring at the shadow frowning. "Now you've done it, you pissed off Alpha Bezi." She growled and sat grooming her dust-ridden pelt as the shadow gracefully swooped closer revealing a sleek, slender light gray Striped she-wolf with glittering emerald green eyes. "Kirri, get to camp now." Alpha Bezi growled her voice was calm but the anger in it almost knocked her down. She nodded and, with her tail tucked between her legs, slunk towards camp. ~•~

Alpha Bezi turned towards the traveler, "and who are you?" She growled eyeing the stranger's wings, "Y-your like Kirri!" She snarled. "Take the demon and begone with her if you wish, we won't miss the rat." She added eyes still narrowed in uncertainty. "That 'little rat' is more powerful than you could possibly understand, and so am I, so back off before I make you sorry." The traveler growled Spreading his wings, revealing sharp, long claws on the folds of them. Alpha Benzi growled, but made no move to attack, standing perfectly still, not wanting to Provoke the Likroh. "Wise choice inferior mutt." The traveler grinned and folded his wings, but charged Alpha Benzi, locking his large jaws around her throat. Alpha let out a strangled yelp as she was gripped and thrashed her head around frantically trying to dislodge the traveler. With a swift, almost graceful motion the traveler crushed her windpipe and severed her jugular, having her die on the spot. The traveler locked the blood from his jaws and barreled towards the Camp after Kirri. "I, Jenku, will watch over your Grand-pup for you Lord Ichi." He mumbled darkly, "Even if it means wiping out all of her Pack." He added as he heard a series of Yips.

End of Chapter

[h3]Chapter Three[/h3


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Re: The Paçk øf Fallen Ømen§-Fantasy Novel

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Hmmm, So this means we can write about anything?? Btw love your fanfic c:

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